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Working Together To Promote Positive, Lasting Change

Don Smeltzer is a respected, knowledgeable professional with many years’ experience assisting associations and councils to improve the quality of municipal government management and policy making. Through his company, Don Smeltzer Management Consultants, he specializes in assisting municipalities during times of unexpected change and dysfunctional leadership.

A recent assignment involved 11 months in Canada’s spectacular Northwest Territories, providing training for municipal employees, policy development and advice to a Hamlet government, while also serving as interim-SAO. Don’s training and mentorship enabled an employee from the community to be appointed as permanent SAO. Don continues to provide management and policy advice from afar and maintains close liaison with the Chief of the Dene Band and other members of the Hamlet’s indigenous leadership, in pursuit of a Healing Lodge Facility for the community.

Don is always open to considering new assignments that will have a meaningful, positive and lasting community impact.

See Don’s LinkedIn profile, or reach out by way of email.