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Don is an innovative educator and management consultant. He directed operations of the Maritime Municipal Training and Development Board (MMTDB) at Dalhousie University for 25 years. Vsion and leadership earned him and the Maritime provinces respectively, reputations as the Canadian leaders in municipal education and professional development. Establishment of institutional partnerships became a hallmark of MMTDB operations.

In addition to serving as MMTDB Director, Don counselled students; taught courses in Canadian local government, public sector ethics and communications; established internship programs; developed training resources; and led international delegations. Successful in sourcing out and securing funding for innovative educational programming, he was a key player in the establishment of Race, First Nations and Multi-cultural Relations Training for the municipal public sector. 

As a management consultant, Don has served as an interim CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) in many jurisdictions throughout the Atlantic Provinces. More recently, he served as an Interim Senior Administrative Officer (SAO) with the Hamlet of Tulita, located in the interior of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Responsibilities have included managing annual budgets in excess of $80 million, facilitating organizational reviews and compensation studies, conducting senior management recruitment, developing policy and leading strategic initiatives. Don is skilled in the management of public sector organizations and in the creation of healthy, board-staff relationships. He is an effective communicator, personable, non-threatening, and committed to treating others with dignity and respect.

Latest Publication

When Don is not teaching or consulting, he is often engaged in research and writing. His latest book, A Matter of Choice – Ethical Municipal Governance, published in 2018 is for council members, municipal employees, public sector educators, and others interested in decision-making at the local level.