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For whatever reason, evaluation of Chief and Senior Administrative Officers (CAO / (SAO) is an item of interest among some who have been in recent contact with me. In a 2012 handbook for briefing council members (The COSEMA Approach) I suggested there were a number of performance elements a municipal council may wish to consider when evaluating a CAO’s effectiveness and capability. They include: 

  • knowledge of the job; quality of decision making; commitment to teamwork
  • ability to manage employees; communications and presentation skills – verbal, non-verbal and written
  • relationship with council; entrepreneurial ability; productivity and work ethic
  • approach to conflict resolution; dependability and willingness to accept responsibility
  • effective use of technology; planning and leadership abilities; financial acumen
  • conceptual and analytical abilities; tactfulness, diplomacy and confidentiality
  • awareness of council’s needs; motivation and coaching effectiveness
  • budget preparation and management ability; willingness to accept direction and advice
  • human relations skills; problem solving and change management skills
  • commitment to public service and the profession; commitment to customer service

Please feel free to connect with me if you would like to share additional performance elements that are important to consider when evaluating the performance of a CAO. I will make reference to comments or suggestions in a future post.

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